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Peace Scriptures

Isaiah 52:7 - NKJV

How beautiful upon the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who proclaims peace, Who brings glad tidings of good things, Who proclaims salvation, Who says to Zion, "Your God reigns!"

Luke 8:47-48 The Passion Translation

"When the woman realized she couldn’t hide any longer she came and fell trembling at Jesus’ feet! Before the entire crowd she declared, “I was desperate to touch You Jesus, for I knew if I could just touch even the fringe of Your robe I would be healed!” Jesus responded, “Beloved daughter, your faith in Me has released your healing! You may go with My peace!"

Jesus did not "cure" people of their physical ailments, He miraculously "healed" them and sent them back into society. He didn't tell them to come back in a week for another session-- He totally realigned them with heaven's glory! - Brian Simmons

Brian Simmons:

"I Will Release Again the 10 Principles of Revival Taught by Charles Finney"

Not many days ago I had an amazing encounter with the Lord that has since left me trembling and awakened! The voice of the Lord came to me in power telling me that the Lord Himself was about to release AGAIN the revival that swept America during the days of Charles Finney – but in a much greater dimension.

In the awakening released by Charles Finney, entire cities were shaken by the power of God and the anointing of revival that once poured out of a man. With Finney's prayer partner, Father Nash, he would enter a city only after adequate prayer had saturated the ground and opened the heavens over a region. Many attribute those days of "Heaven on earth" to the prayers of Father Nash and his praying team.

The word of the Lord spoke and said to me:

"I will release again the 10 principles of revival taught by Charles Finney! I am releasing two of those principles to you now! The remaining eight principles you must ask for and seek to receive!"

I've found my spirit trembling many times since He spoke those words to me. After hours of prayer and research, allow me to share in brief what I've discovered about 10 Principles of Revival. These are the truths that Finney taught throughout his ministry after seeing miracle conversions in the northeastern part of the United States.

During the peak of the revival outpouring, Charles Finney took these principles and taught them (more than once) to the awakened churches that received him. These powerful revivals resulted in the largest number of conversions EVER, in the history of Christianity in America.

Throughout the last one hundred and sixty years, revivals have occurred from the Holy Spirit's anointing with the practice of these very principles. I want to share with you these truths that I know GOD HIMSELF will restore to the holy awakeners who seek His face and are willing to run to the nations with a fire never before seen on the earth!

10 Principles of Finney's Revival

Here are these 10 principles of Finney's revival that we, like Joel's Army of Awakeners, will release in this coming awaking. Note: I believe the first two principles that the Lord said He was releasing in this very hour are: The Principles of Repentance and the Principles of Prayer. Expect to hear many of the prophets and preachers speak on these two themes – a deeper repentance and a higher level of intercession that is coming! Here's only a summary:

1. Principles of REPENTANCE!

This is what the Bible refers to as "breaking up the fallow ground," or laying our hearts exposed and naked before the eyes of glory to search and cleanse. Repentance always, always precedes revival outpouring. Is your repentance releasing the glory of God's presence into your life and ministry? If nothing else breaks open a city, try breaking open your heart for your city! (See Hosea 10:12.)

2. Principles of PRAYER!

Every revival can be traced back to prayer! Even in the upper room in Acts 2, they were in a 10-day prayer meeting! This is not general prayer or simply soaking in prayer – this involves a direct confrontation with spiritual forces that are hindering and holding back the deluge of power that will awaken a city in a day. Prayer to the next level will bring glory to the next level! Maybe the way we've been praying lacks potency to unlock doors to revival. "These prayer principles WILL be restored again," says the Lord! (See 1 Thessalonians 5:17.)

3. Principles of HOLINESS!

Not only is God holy, He has made His holiness "absorbable." We can absorb this holiness that surrounds Him by lingering in His living glory – much like Moses who stood before a burning bush until he became one! God ignited Moses' soul because he was highly flammable! Moses absorbed a measure of the glory of God's holiness in such a way that he released deliverance to a nation. I believe that "absorbable" holiness will fill a generation of deliverers soon to be dispatched to the nations. Will you remain in the holy presence until you "catch" it and become a burning one? (See Isaiah 6:6-7.)

4. Principles of POWER!

How we all seek for the power of God, often not knowing what we're asking for! Imagine taking hold of 10 billion volts of power: would it change you as it lit up the sky? When we are willing to be changed by His power, not just ask for more power in our meetings, we will begin to see the nations electrified by God's dunamis power. Get insulated in purity before seeking naively the power of God. The power of this coming awakening will radiate out for many miles when it falls upon a city! Many will be converted when the Church is changed by the power of resurrection life! (See Philippians 3:21.)

5. Principles of FAITH!

Our preaching and ministries must now move into a greater dimension of faith in order to penetrate the darkness of our land. Faith – bold, raw, unrelenting, never-turning-back-faith is the key to revival glory! The authentic principles of faith will be released in a fresh and new way by those who carry the anointing of awakening! If revival depended on YOUR FAITH, how close are we to seeing cities bow before Christ and crown Him King? (See Hebrews 11:1.)

6. Principles of JOY in the Holy Spirit!

You have to understand how radical this message of joy would sound to a world being crushed and tested in the hands of God. Joy has a breaker quality, breaking open hearts and breaking open a city! Joy parties and alluring feasts of extravagant joy – even in the midst of difficulties – will unlock a city! Expect to see the Holy Spirit release new JOY PRINCIPLES and restore us like in the days of Gideon's victory! (See Isaiah 9:3-4.)

7. Principles of RIGHTEOUSNESS!

This is our breastplate that covers our hearts! The Christ-life is all our righteousness; we have none apart from Him! Without a living union every moment with this pure and holy Partner, we will become defiled by selfishness and sin. What glorious protection is this righteousness that guards us in all our relationships and in our daily walk! Expect to hear about and see new levels of righteousness taught by our shepherds and lived out in our lives! (See 1 Corinthians 1:30.)

8. Principles of DISCIPLESHIP!

Rapidly releasing new converts will be crucial as nation after nation opens up their arms to receive more of this heavenly gift: Jesus Christ! We cannot plod along any longer insisting new converts remain "under our covering" when they are ready to roll with revival! In the days of the Jesus Movement in the '70s, we would see converts won in a day, and by a month they were leading and charging forward with evangelism and Bible studies. God does not wait until we sprout wings and a halo before He uses us! Why keep in our "sheep pens" those whom God will equip to shake nations? Jesus sent out 70 before He gave them the Holy Spirit!

True discipleship means carrying the cross and going out in grace to reach a world! Discipleship must include releasing converts into the ripened harvest! Who let the sheep out? (See Matthew 10:1-8.)

9. Principles of PEACE

In days of great shaking and turmoil we will need to find the "eye of the storm" with Jesus in our boat! We need greater revelations of peace to grip us instead of fear of calamity and doom. Peace is a weapon for warfare.

Watch the GOD OF PEACE crush satan soon and swiftly under your feet! (See Romans 16:20.)

10. Principles of LOVE

The greatest truth of all eternity is this: Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so! You will never outgrow your need to receive and release the love of God. Everyone everywhere has a love deficit – so watch the Love of CHRIST change the world, starting with me and with you! More love means more power! More love means more of Jesus Christ given away to the world. You can have great faith for the harvest, but is it working through love in your life? Expect to see more broken-hearted lovers filling our churches in these days of Heaven on earth – the GLORY REVIVAL is upon us. Be ready, my friend! For all we need is faith working through love (Galatians 5:6)!

Lord Jesus, release to the hungry and passionate ones these principles of revival! Empower your awakened Bride to run to the harvest with great faith and overflowing love! Amen!

Please note that the Lord did not give me verbatim these 10 principles, only that He will release these and that we should seek and ask for God to give us these spiritual keys to unlock revival glory for our nation. It may be that after more research the Lord will enlighten us further, but these are those principles taught by Finney and that have been burning in my spirit since the encounter. May this be pleasing to the Lord and to His hungry people.

Word for Australia for 2014

Word for 2014 from Brian Simmons delivered at the Australian Prophetic Summit

1. A year of open doors. Every closed door needs to be a cause of rejoicing. Jesus is the Door and He closes and no one can open. BUT WHEN HE OPENS the door, no one can shut. This will be a year of going through the doorway of opportunity. Especially for the church of Australia. New DOORS will open to get the voice of the prophets into the media, the government, and especially as chaplains in schools. DOOR suddenly swinging open will take place for ministry, for writing, for Australian prophets and preachers to go to the nations. I awoke from a dream with an angel singing: “Rejoice when I close a door, and rejoice when I open a door. Every door I close means another door that I will open.

Every door I close means a door I will open!” Hosea 10:12, in the valley of Achor is waiting “a door of opportunity,” a door that leads to hope. Revelation 3:8, & COLOSSIANS 4:3-5 were both given to me. Make the most of opportunities, redeeming the time. Don’t wait when the door flies open, go through it!!

2. A year of the flying eagle rising. The leaping forth of a company of people who will soar above difficulties on the earth which will draw many people to the Lord as they see a fearless people who have Christ’s peace. Not as the world gives, but the peace that transcends logic. The peace of Christ on the Church of Christ will bring the lost to Christ. Expect to see young adults to adopt the eagle as an emblem in Australia. This will be an EAGLE nation, one that flies and soars above the world’s calamities. This is one of the mysteries God will reveal this year, “the way of an eagle in the sky.” Proverbs 30:19, Isaiah 40:31, Revelation 4:7

3. Great economic advance for Australia. There will be wise use of the natural resources with a long term agenda to insure a consistent growing economy for Australia. I saw Uluru (Ayers Rock) over and over as I prayed. I believe that there will be some yet to be discovered resources within eyesight of Ayers Rock. I saw government and business teaming up in a way that it became a good investment for the private sector to put their money into this joint venture, a company that will have government representation. A unique business partnership that will benefit the nation. Within 18 months it will be unveiled, and the next 3 ½ years it will be an even greater economic engine for the nation.

4. China and the Pacific Rim. I saw Australia as an apostolic nation for sending out missionaries throughout Asia and the Pacific. Watch for a door to open to CHINA, welcoming Aussies to come and bring the “Australian version of Christianity” which will be received.

5. Angels everywhere, even being seen by entire congregations. Leaders will have more angels working with them and whispering the councils of God to them. I keep feeling like this is the year to leap out with new things, even before you have it all figured out, and God will make it happen. He’s waiting for the leap of faith, not the leap of presumption that satan tempted Jesus with (to leap off the temple). But the leap of faith WILL activate the angels to catch you and you will not dash your foot against a stone.

6. Rebooting the church. Don’t be resistant when you see God powerfully reshaping and rebooting your ministry. Everything changes this year. A year of double acceleration. Finances can double in your ministry if you allow God to reboot. That may mean it seems like it is hibernating for a very short moment, but only to reboot and restart with a new operating system.

7. War on the truth within the church. A warning about not dealing with false doctrine that will attempt to take root in the Australian church. Mothers and Fathers of the faith must speak into the “leaven” of error and imbalance. This will affect the church greatly in 2014 and will be a great source of training for the next generation of spiritual fathers, mothers, and apostles to arise. These teachings must be seen for what they are, so expect books, blogs, and bulletins to speak into those issues. Discernment will qualify you for leadership. Lack of discernment or passivity will disqualify you for what is ahead. Don’t expect everyone to agree with you as you walk on the highway of holiness.

Carriers of Peace by Joey Le Tourneau

Peace is an interesting subject to me, and a hot topic in the world. It is very needed, sought after, and hoped for, yet often so misunderstood. There are two things about peace I believe the Lord wants us to understand more clearly during this time. First, we already have more peace than we realize, for peace is a Person named Jesus, and He lives within us. Second, when we know Peace as a Person who already resides in our lives, we cease from being pursuers and we become carriers of peace to a world that is longing for such.

World Peace Or Your Piece?

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. John 16:33

We may not find peace in the world, but the world can find peace in us. Jesus tells us that in the world we will find difficulties, divisions, and the like, which we all can see happening. But, He also assures us that in Him we may have peace, because He has overcome the world. If we want to see peace in the world, or in our circumstances, it is us who will carry and deliver such as the world waits for the piece of the puzzle that is alive in you and me. God is raising up an army whose weapon is peace.

Misconceptions of Peace wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of peace will crush satan under your feet shortly... Romans 16:19-20

We often misunderstand peace to be passive, and much of the time we are trying to "keep our peace." But God has called forth a people bearing His likeness who walk in peace as an offensive strategy who will give their peace away for the sake of the world, yet are never lacking such because the well of Peace is deep within them.

Another misconception of peace I come across in my own life is that we often relate peace with laziness or inactivity. When was the last time when asked how you were doing that you responded, "I'm peaceful"? I can't remember the last time I said that – it's just not a common response. Instead, we often respond with how "busy" we are, how "stressed" we've been, or how "crazy" life has been. Do we realize what we're saying? Are we afraid that someone will mistake us as lazy or unsuccessful? We must not speak strife into our lives, or, instead of breeding peace, begin to spread its counterpart.

Peace is very underrated because it moves so quietly, and often without being seen. It is difficult to value the unseen, but that is often where the greatest value hides. Peace can't be measured as some things can, but that should not devalue the anointing it can and will have through the lives of those who believe.


Shalom, in a single word, is among the first of my go-to prayers. It is a power-packed, loaded word that brings holistic definition to our concept of peace. I declare shalom when praying over our family and over our house, and I have seen God heal sickness through a simple prayer of "Shalom."

According to Strong's #7965, "Shalom" is defined by: "completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord." Many of us are striving to have just a few of these words present in our life. Yet, with shalom, God has given us an "all for one" sort of deal.

This "whole" definition is very important because it takes every form of peace we often pursue externally and puts them together in one package that we as Believers already freely possess in order to freely give away. Sometimes we will pursue prosperity and, in doing so, lose our health. We might pursue perfectness but sacrifice true rest. We plug one hole of the leak only to watch another spring about, and therefore steal even more peace from our lives. That is the enemy's plan.

But Jesus is "Sar Shalom," the "Prince of Peace," and He lives in us. Just as shalom, or salam, is a greeting in so many nations across the world, our Heavenly Father has spoken shalom over us and even given such to us in the form of His Son. If we recognize that Jesus is alive in our life, then we also must recognize that we already possess every facet of the above definition of shalom. Shalom is a wellspring within us that will not run dry, and is the most pregnant form of peace that we may carry to the world.

Carriers of Peace

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9

Jesus set the ultimate example, not just for the peace He carried, but the priority He gave peace as an offensive tool of transformation when sending others into mission. Look at the passages where Jesus sent the twelve and the seventy: Each time we find that He gave them one thing to carry, and hopefully, leave behind. "If the household is worthy, let your peace come upon it" (Matthew 10:13), "But whatever house you enter, first say, 'Peace to this house.' And if a son of peace is there, your peace will rest on it..." (Luke 10:5-6).

When Jesus blessed the peacemakers to be called sons of God, He gave us a clear mandate of the true intention and mission of peace. It is not something to be kept or simply hoped for, but Peace is the Presence that will mark the revealing of the sons of God so many are believing for (see Romans 8). We may not ever find peace in the world, but I thank God that the world will find Peace in us. May we, as carriers of Peace, now arise and go out to the world each day!

The Move of God's Peace

ANUARY 2013 - PASTOR JUDITH GATES, Senior Pastor, The Blessing

We have entered a move of God in 2013, a move of Peace being restored in the earth, not as the world gives but as the Spirit of the Living God enforces. Peace meaning nothing lacking but also meaning no division, wholeness and oneness of God. We think of peace as a lack of problems, but peace is the power of Heaven itself.

When Satan fell to this earth, he disturbed what peace there was in the earth. When Jesus came to the earth the angels said, “Peace on earth!” Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He came and restored peace.

When Jesus sent the 70 out and they entered into a house, if the home was worthy, He told them to bless it with peace. If there was sickness and all kinds of diseases, crippled, blind, emotional problems, physical problems, spiritual problems - they were healed with the declaration of 'Peace'. Luke 10:4. Be sure to say, “Peace on this house.”

Nothing lacking, oneness, wholeness. This is the time for the church to stand and enforce peace in the earth. You bless it with peace, you have got something. Jesus has given you the authority and the power, you have it! John 14:27 The Source NT), "I am leaving you peace – I am giving you peace – I am certainly giving it to you but not in the same way that the world gives it. Don’t let your hearts be disturbed, and don’t be cowardly."

Go forth in My Name and be a peace enforcer.

Word for 2013 by Gary Morgan

... It says in Proverbs, ‘The blessing of the Lord makes one rich and He adds no sorrow to it’. The pleasance of God, the pleasant things of God are being released in this season. I want to prophecy over us, pleasant paths. I want to prophecy over us pleasant ways. Peace will be in our forefront and peace will be our rear guard. Peace is going to be a virtue that is going to be released in 2013. It was going to be a year of peace. It’s the virtue that God wants to release to His body in this next season, as this year of peace.That we will be a people of peace. I felt like the Lord says He hasn’t made you to be peacekeepers, He’s called you to be peacemakers. Don’t try and keep the peace; make the peace. And I want to connect another word for that. Make peace with your brother. Don’t keep peace with your brother but make peace with your brother.

Words for 2013 by James Goll


2. Walk Into the Kingdom of Peace!

While some are releasing atmospheres of fear and turbulence, it is time for us to walk in an opposite spirit and receive and release the Kingdom of Peace. Create an atmosphere around you and declare "Shalom" to your storms! Do not panic! Walk in the supernatural release of peace everywhere you go!

Romans 14:17 The Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Testimonies of Peace being enforced ...

Recently, I was on Norfolk Island and drove to a private property on the north-east of the island called Simon's Waters. The property owners welcomed visitors to this beautiful part of the island asking only that visitors keep the gate closed.

As my friend and I proceeded to drive through the grassy field we noticed a herd of grazing cows to our left. We slowed down to take photos when a large cow seemed to object to our presence, suddenly turned and started towards us.

Realizing it was a bull, I immediately undertsood our impending danger as the bull quickened its pace towards us.

With an unexplainable calm I looked at the bull and in a quiet voice said, "Be at peace. we will not harm you. We have come to pray."

The bull suddenly stopped in its tracks! It looked startled and had the strangest look on its face. A few moments later it turned aside and rejoined the herd.

- Pastor Karen George from the Blessing.