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Prophetic Words for the Pacific Region

Word to Southlands of the Holy Spirit - Thursday 28th September 2013

Prophetic Song - Pastor Judith Gates

The water is rising across the nations

The water is rising across the said lands.

The wind of the Spirit is carrying the Word

The wind of the Spirit is carrying the Word across the said nations

The wind is blowing

The wind is blowing carrying precious seed

The wind is blowing carrying precious seed.


The prophets are prophesying

The prophets are prophesying across the said lands, across the said lands.


The people are gathering

The people are gathering across the said lands

Across the said lands.


They’re coming back together,

they’re coming back together across the said lands,

across the said lands.

They’re coming not a few, they’re coming not a few, they’re coming not a few across the said land, they’re coming not a few across the said lands.

Across the said lands, across the said lands

Prophetic Word - Pastor Judith Gates

These are the said lands that God is moving on right now, this is their day. Said lands this is your day. This is the day that the Lord has made, said lands we will rejoice and be glad in this day. This is your day said lands of the Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit, the Lord your God is visiting you. He is visiting you. He is showing forth His love. We speak peace to the said lands. Peace to the said lands. May you increase in peace. May you live in peace from this day forth. May the seeds that have been sown in you, Norfolk Island, Tonga, Kiribati & Fiji, may the wind of the Spirit blow and continue to blow the seeds of faith and love, healing and miracles, may these seeds be a part of your life from this moment forth. You have been visited. The Lord has visited you. Now continue on in My word, Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit. You have already received a portion may it increase & increase. Stand, do not allow the enemy to take that which God has imparted to you, but guard it, guard it, guard it well.

Prayer - Pastor Judith Gates

Father, we ask that you would hedge about the seeds that have been sown already in these said nations. Oh Lord may they not just wither and die but Lord may we be able to water them & water them Lord till there is a great stirring that the world will hear about. The outpouring of your Spirit in these said lands. Father, we will not give up, we will not sit back, we are the watchmen on the wall Lord God. Father, we are asking you to raise up many that will go and water the seed and water the seed. Lord, we are about to come into the greatest harvest that the world has ever known and Father, it has begun, it’s springing up, it’s springing up. Send in the labourers, Lord, for the harvest. Send them in, send them in Lord.

Brian Simmons - exceprt from Australian Prophetic Council - September 2013

 ... A year of the flying eagle rising. The leaping forth of a company of people who will soar above difficulties on the earth which will draw many people to the Lord as they see a fearless people who have Christ’s peace. Not as the world gives, but the peace that transcends logic. The peace of Christ on the Church of Christ will bring the lost to Christ. Expect to see young adults to adopt the eagle as an emblem in Australia. This will be an EAGLE nation, one that flies and soars above the world’s calamities. This is one of the mysteries God will reveal this year, “the way of an eagle in the sky.” Proverbs 30:19, Isaiah 40:31, Revelation 4:7

... China and the Pacific Rim. I saw Australia as an apostolic nation for sending out missionaries throughout Asia and the Pacific. Watch for a door to open to CHINA, welcoming Aussies to come and bring the “Australian version of Christianity” which will be received.

Recent Prophetic Word to the Southlands of the Holy Spirit

- Ps Judith Gates, 21/3/13

Sunday 28th February 2010

The Blessing Church

This prophecy came yesterday, as you know we were fasting as a church for 21 days for revival in the Asia Pacific “The Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit.” (Pastor Judith Gates)

Even now the waters of the Pacific are churning at the movement of My feet, says the Lord. The water vibrates from the thunderous sound of My Voice. The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters. (Psalm 29:3). They are disturbed, says the Lord, because I am on the move and at the entrance of My latter day Glory in the Pacific Region, that will have all eyes focused towards the shinning of My Glory among the precious Island jewels of the Pacific Ocean. Wonders such as never seen since the days of my faithful servant Moses, will be proclaimed from the Pacific and the publishing of the fame of My Name will create intense spiritual hunger from the 4 corners of the earth, who will seek Me out with all their hearts from the Southlands of My Holy Spirit.

Samoa, Samoa will experience a re-birthing of her redemptive calling and be a leader in My Pacific movement.

Vanuatu and the Solomons will experience Glory Fire. Divine protection is granted to my people during the fires which will be a distinguishing mark upon them and a testimony leading to many salvations.

Norfolk Island will forget the pains of birth and where it has been said, 'Impossible!', I will delight in reversing the enemies haunting work to bring a total transformation of culture and society. The new word describing her will be, 'FREEDOM!'. Those of you I have called to Norfolk - it's now time to visit her, do not hold back any longer.

Fiji will be a-washed in both spiritual and natural waters. My prophets will arise amid the washings to proclaim My Sovereign will. They will carry great authority that will affect the entire Pacific Region.

New Zealand is a cup of honour and one who will demonstrate My arm of righteousness. With the strength of My mighty arm, she will undergird Pacific Revival and Renewal.

Australia, My beloved, will ride the crest of the great wave, the wave that will pour out the Glory of My Presence and Power over all nations. Those with the 'spirit of Elijah' will rise up from within her and cause signs in the heavens and on the earth that will be visible for all mankind to see. Salvations and healings shall be on every corner. I will move in every sphere of human life to such a degree that it will be rare for one not to know My Name. I will breathe My life into the performing and creative arts to such a degree that Australia will become the world leader in creativity. Invention and ground-breaking innovations will flow like a river and will stun the world due to the sheer magnitude of creativity and brilliance that will come from My breath and inspiration, says the Lord.

Islands and Nations of the Pacific Rim, the Voice of the Lord has gone out to you this day. Not one of you will remain untouched by My Presence. I am on the move, My feet have touched your land, receive Me, and walk with Me into the long-awaited promises of Glory and Revival.

- Pastor Karen George (Elengikal)

The Blessing Missions Pastor

28th February 2010

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